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A selection of the over 170 exciting exhibits you can explore at the Mathematikum.

The strength of the Mathematikum is presenting scientific phenomenons in interactive, easy to use exhibits.




The Mathematikum opens a new door to mathematics. The Mathematikum is hands-on: You can solve tricky puzzles, build bridges and stand in a huge soap bubble. The Mathematikum is minds-on: Young and old visitors, those who dislike mathematics and those who love it, all will experience the attraction of mathematics. You can visit the Mathematikum without special preparation, without any particular knowledge of numbers and equations and you will nevertheless enjoy the experiments. The Mathematikum is hearts-on: Every exhibit has a positive result and you can experience the ‘aha‘ moment. You will leave the Mathematikum happier than you entered it. There are many experiments with a direct connection to school mathematics, but there are also many whose formal background is never taught in school. So you will get a very broad picture of mathematics. Families will spend hours making fascinating discoveries.

The Giant Soap Bubble


You always wanted to stand inside a giant soap bubble?


At this exhibit you get the chance to experience it - and en passant observe one of the most complex mathematical phenomenons.

How Tall am I?


10110010?! - How tall are you in the digital world?


It is easy to measure your body height in binary - and you never need more than one piece of a kind.

Conic Sections


How does the surface of the blue liquid change?


Observe how the surface changes when modifying the position of the cone.



What can you built from triangles, squares and other geometric shapes?


Set your creativity free and create different figures, solids and other objects.

Square Wheels


Can angled wheels roll?


Try the different wheel shapes. You will discover that not only round wheels can roll.

All Straight, Though Curved


Is it possible to form something round using only straight wires?


This simple exhibit shows how easily many straight lines can form a curved surface.

Euler’s Trails


Can you connect all points without going one way twice?


Looking very easy it gets more difficult if you try to solve all three paths.

Can you find out where to start?

The Catenary


Architecture can be very easy – and still ingenious


Be an old master builder and create an arc that is delicate and extremely robust at the same time.

The Ball Machine


Upwards by an elevator and off they go!


As 24 balls make their way down on different routes you can lean back and enjoy the show.

Leonardo's Bridge


Can you construct a stable bridge using only simple bars?


Try to rebuild Leonardo da Vinci’s construction and create a solid bridge without nails, glue or other tools.

The Monochord


How do music and mathematics connect?


Even the old Greek knew that "nice" tones follow certain patterns - you can hear whether a proportion is "smooth" or not.




Did you know how much math there is under the sea level?


The Nautilus spiral is "living mathematics", as its shell is constructed logarithmic. Besides it shows how beautiful the forms of nature can be.

Pentomino Calendar


A very special calendar!


Try to place the seven pieces consisting of five squares so that today´s date appears. A new challenge every day.



Have you ever seen a number with so many decimal places?


Get to know the number Pi. A number still holding a lot of secrets.

The Foolery Mirror


You maybe haven't ever seen yourself like this!


Discover, why you do not want to look completely symmetrical - and how symmetry can make you and your friends laugh.

Giant Kaleidoscope


Would you like to see yourself infinitely in the mirror?


This giant kaleidoscope makes it possible for you. At the front, at the back, everywhere - wherever you look you only see yourself!

Tubes and Tones


The sound depends on the length


The world of numbers and the world of music lie closer than one might think. Perk up your ears and wonder, as you can hear mathematics when listening at tubes of different length.


The Giant Kaleidocycle


A large ring that can be turned inside out


A ring made of firmly connected parts that can be turned around itself? It was only found out in 1958 that such a thing is possible.

The Story of the Chess Board


What does double really mean?


This experiment tells you the old story of the chess board’s inventor. It is impressive what happened as his wage, consisting of rice, was doubled over and over again.


The Hovering Ball


Nothing fishy over here


Even if it first looks like magic, there is an explanation why the ball seems to be hovering weightlessly through the air.

Do All These Fit Into the Cube?


How can I giftwrap a pyramid or a star?


It's very easy – just put it into a glass cube! Enjoy the eye opening moment when everything finally fits.

Soap Films


Discover beautiful forms you would not foresee


Immerse different frames into soapy water- you will be fascinated by the soap film's shapes.

The photos have been retrieved from the Mathematikum‘s website.

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