1. Is IFS Olympiad a project competition, or is it just a question and answer-based science Olympiad?


IFS Olympic is not a project Olympiad. This means that you do not need to prepare any projects with your group or students.


It is also not an Olympiad with a written exam containing specific and difficult questions. There are no specific projects or specific topics that need to be studied or prepared for the Olympiad.


The concept of the Olympiad is a new and original style. Readymade experiments are waiting for all the students interested in science where they will participate in a fun way in science centers.


You can learn more about the concept of the Olympiad from this link.


2. Is there an elimination in order to participate in the Olympiad? Is there an exam in our school or in our country we have to do for the students before we can participate in the program in Germany?


There are no pre-qualifications or exams to participate in the IFS Olympiad. All students and teachers interested in science are invited.


3. Should only highly intelligent or Olympiad students participate in this Olympiad?


No, on the contrary, it is an organization that motivates students who are interested in science at all levels and increases their interest and desire towards science. All students and teachers interested in science are invited.


4. Is there an exam or assessment during the experiments and practices at the Science Center?


No, there are no exams or assessments in the experiments and practices they will attend in the Science Centers. What needs to be done during these practices is to freely test the experiments with the group and the teacher as much as they want, and read the explanations of the experiment, if any, and evaluate the issue among themselves. Because there will be questions parallel to the experiments they conduct here.


5. Are there group competitions or projects? What do we need to understand about the group from the expressions about groups?


At any stage of the Olympics there is no competition or practice to be held as a group. Group expression is used with the intent of the related coach (teacher) acting as a group with his / her own students during the Olympiad process and especially in the science center. Moreover, if an inter-group competition or exam is added, it should be known that this competition stage will be optional and will be the kind of practice that students will enjoy in line with the philosophy of the Olympiad.


6. Our students worry about the difficulty of the exams and do not want to participate because they are afraid. There are 2 exams in the organization. What are the difficulty levels?


First of all, the concept of the organization is not an Olympiad style with a heavy and difficult model. On the contrary, it is a FUN Science Olympiad just like its name. In other words, it is an enjoyable concept that students enjoy, have fun and learn on their own. When you evaluate this data, we can say that it is in a way that will increase students' motivation for success in their exams. You can find more information on this topic from this link. Basic Principles and Rules


7. Is there a limit on the number of participants? Is there a quota by country?


The 2020 event quota of the IFS Olympiad is planned for a maximum of 400 students. The priority will of course be the first group of applicants. However, if the applications exceed the quota in terms of culture and country diversity, a reduction process can take place by discussing it with the relevant teachers about the groups or names added and can be modified in the application forms.


IFS Olympiad is not affiliated with the Mathematikum Science Center, Experimenta Science Center or Goethe University, nor is IFS Olympiad a Mathematikum Science Center, Experimenta Science Center or Goethe University program or activity.