IFSO Concept



One of the main goals of the Olympiads is learning by doing, experimenting and observing. Students will be able to find applications and test these readymade experiments in the science centers about topics that they listen to abstractly, solve on the board and take the exams of.


  • Why am I learning this topic?
  • What use do these formulas have for me?
  • I will never see these topics in my life again.
  • ....


We all know very well that the questions such as these are generally spoken by the students during the lessons. Here, at this Olympiad, students will find answers to these questions with at least some concrete practices through the experiments.


Highly Intelligent or Smart Students


The goal of the competition is not to discover or compete highly intelligent or smart students. On the contrary, it is the main goal to increase the interest and motivation of students who have little or no success in science (math, physics, chemistry, biology). Thus, the target of the addressing organization is to be a very large group of students.

With the perspective above, it is important to note that it is an organization that supports STEM education. In particular, the experience of conducting experiments with the science center will reinforce the application and observation part, which is the most important element of STEM education.

Students will also be able to conduct trainings on their own with interactive learning, self-learning and basic learning skills, self-evaluation and results, and a competitive process in which they will feel successful.

In addition, the organization is planned according to the relocation concept (city / country). The 2020 IFS Olympiad will be held from April 27th to May 2nd in Frankfurt, Germany. Each year, because it will be held in different cities, participants will see many countries and developments which differ according to their level of development and scientific studies in Europe.

As a result, the organization is not an organization that asks questions and tests information. The first goal is to live, experience and, most importantly, to provide learning in an entertaining way. The aim is to provide the participants with the joy of success through motivational exams.

IFS Olympiad is not affiliated with the Mathematikum Science Center, Experimenta Science Center or Goethe University, nor is IFS Olympiad a Mathematikum Science Center, Experimenta Science Center or Goethe University program or activity.