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13.03.2021 - Saturday



Dear Students, Parents, and Supervisors,


The Olympiad committee is continuing to search for financial resources despite well-known difficulties caused by the pandemic. However, we will start the refund process with the available resources at hand.


Schedule of Payments according to participants’ grade level is planned as follows:


  1. Firstly Refunds for students of 9th -10th -11th grades (during registration to IFS-Olympiad) will be processed. These refunds are intended to be completed by the end of September 2021. These students are prioritized because they have graduated or are about to graduate from school.
  2. Refunds for students of 6th-7th-8th grades (during registration to IFS-Olympiad) will be processed till the end of January 2022.

Conditions of the Refund Request Form:


  • The person who will receive the refund must send information such as "name/bank/account number" to IFS Olympiad by filling out the form on this link.
  • Information received via email or contact form will not be taken into account. The ONLY refund request form can be used for this purpose.
  • The accuracy of the information in the form is the responsibility of the person filling out the form.
  • Since Supervisors are primarily responsible for the students’ registration and payment process, they have priority and the right to follow-up on refunds
  • Even though the supervisors are informed about the refunds, if no reply is received, at the end of the payment process, IFS Olympiad will contact the school administration to handle student's refund.
  • As the payments are made, the relevant Supervisor will be informed. Please do not contact again as to when the payment will be made after completing the form. The targeted due dates are specified above. In case of any adverse or negative developments, Supervisors will surely be informed.
  • Students who have applied for a visa and whose visa application has been rejected by the consulate before the event is postponed will not be refunded.
  • Payments will be made depending on the order of receipt of the refund forms and the budget being suitable for the number of students in each group.




Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


IFS Olympiad Team

05.10.2020 - Monday

The IFS Olympiad has been postponed to April-May 2022


Dear Students, Teachers and Parents;


As you all know, the COVID-19 Pandemic is going through a second wave.

The uncertainty about the vaccine, its distribution to the world after it is found, and the conditions of its use unfortunately prevent making any safe plans.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, all countries and citizens have been affected through health, economic, educational, social and psychological aspects which all still continue. From budgets of states to large international corporations; from tourism to the aviation sector as well as small businesses such as cafes, restaurants and even barbers have experienced a great shock in economic terms and the effects of the epidemic unfortunately still continue.


The IFS Olympiad Committee has re-evaluated the overall planning of the organization in line with the COVID-19 Pandemic process and the following decisions have been taken in order:


  1. The IFS Olympiad has been postponed to April-May 2022. (Due to uncertainties in 2021 and in order not to postpone again, the year 2022, which is considered to be a healthier year has been determined.)
  2. The IFSO 2022 application registrations will be taken again. New applications will start in October-November 2021.
  3. With the start of new applications in October 2021, the exact dates of the organization, visa processes and daily program details will be updated and announced again on the web page.
  4. Notes on students who are currently enrolled in our lists and have paid a deposit:


  • The Olympic committee has decided that although they were not refundable, the deposits will be paid back without any deductions, despite difficult economic conditions.
  • Students in 9th grade (this year) and lower grades who are likely to join the organization in 2022 can continue to have their deposit status as paid.  (of course, they can have it back too if they choose to)
  • Plans on providing financial resources and repayment schedules have been initiated by the Olympiad Committee. In the following months, after the financial solutions are cleared out, the payment schedule will be announced separately. Repayments will be followed through teachers or representatives.


We thank you for the interest and trust you have shown and wish you a healthy day.


The IFSO Team

11.05.2020 - Monday



Dear participants and supervisors,


As you know, our organization has been postponed to a later date. A new date will be announced in the coming weeks according to the predictability of the outbreak, the countries’ removal of quarantine regulations and the initiation of international flights.


The new date to be announced will be after September 1st, 2020. After this date, students who have graduated from 12th grade or who have become 12th graders will not be able to join the newly dated organization.


Although the deposit fee is €150 and non-refundable, graduates or 12th graders will be refunded with €100. When the new date is announced, €50 will be refunded if new students from the same school join. Schools and related teachers are to follow the registration of new students. From the €150 deposit payments to be received from the new students, a graduate or 12th who cannot join can be given the refund of €50 by the teacher.


  • Unfortunately, if there is no new enrollment student, € 50 will not be refunded.
  • € 100 will be refunded 3 months after the new date is announced.
  • These returns are valid only for graduates or students who have moved on to 12th grade
  • The students in other classes (11 and below) can continue to participate in the new event which will be announced.


During these tough times, in which the whole world is going through difficult days, we are making our best efforts to organize the event in the most suitable conditions for students, parents, teachers and schools. Thank you for your understanding.


Hope to meet again on healthy days

11.03.2020 - Wednesday



Dear Supervisors, Students and Parents


Two days ago, we had made a statement about the continuation of the organization and general measures.


Intense pressures from groups and parents, individual or group cancellation requests, high health concerns, increasing spread of the epidemic world-wide and in Germany, and general postponement requests of the parents who had already bought flight tickets in the past led to a reevaluation of the situation.


As a result of negotiations with partner institutions, universities and science centers, hotels and other logistics companies, we have transferred all your reservation rights to another next date.


As a result, THE OLYMPIAD HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A NEW DATE. (Presumably September-October)


  • The new dates will be announced in the coming weeks.
  • During the processes for the new date, all documents for visa procedures will be rearranged and sent. (Postal fee will not be requested from countries in which the original invitation is required.)
  • Paid registration fees have been transferred to the new date of the organization.  There are no deductions.
  • Name changes and additions can be made during the new calendar process. Paid registration fees have been recorded on behalf of your school or group with the exact number of people.
  • Since the existing reservations are transferred to the next dates at the relevant institutions, unfortunately, there will be no refunds if cancellations are made as individuals, groups or schools. (If the number of registrations exceed the current ones for the next date, a refund may be possible.)
  • When the new calendar is announced, the online registration form will be activated for the required updates.
  • See you in a healthier world in the coming weeks.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

09.03.2020 - Monday



Dear Supervisors, Students and Parents


As the Olympiad committee, we would like to inform you about concerns related to the recent Corona virus outbreak.


First of all, our organization will continue to be held within the scope of the following explanations and partial measures taken. There are no cancellations or postpone.


As of February 28th, 435 students and 82 supervisors from 27 countries continue their visa procedures and preparations.  Some of our groups have completed their visa procedures and have gotten their visas. We even have groups that have bought their flight tickets.


According to these numbers,


  • Our 2 hotels are fully reserved for the organization. In other words, there will be no one staying in the hotels outside of the organization.
  • Breakfasts and dinners will be prepared and served in our own hotels and only for the Olympiad participants. (At the hotels in Frankfurt)
  • Public transportation vehicles (city bus, train, tramway) will not be used. The organization will have private buses for our groups from the first day until the last day.
  • Disinfection services will be provided to all participants during the boarding of buses.
  • The Mathematikum Science Center will not receive any visitors from outside on April 28th, and only Olympiad participants will be attending the events.
  • The visit to the Experimenta science center is open to everyone. But there are only school groups there on weekdays. Adult or tourist groups often visit on the weekend.
  • The Frankfurt boat tour will take place with a boat belonging only to our group.


Phantasialand and Mercedes museum visits are open to everyone. But it will not be very busy because it will be on weekdays. Those who do not want to go to Phantasialand can stay at the hotel.


Students who wish can also bring a mask with them and wear it.


We highly recommend that all our participants keep their health conditions under control and take good care of themselves during the latest 15 days before the Olympiad. (after April 12th)


We continue to follow the directives of the national authorities of each country. If you would like to know more about the official policies about Germany, you can find link to the latest government advice here:




Please be advised that in addition to the directives of each country, we will be implementing the additional measure of no longer accepting participants travelling from certain high-risk regions, or who have been in contact with people from those locations.


The specific locations are:


  • China
  • Iran
  • Macau
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Italy


We would also ask that all supervisors and agent partners support the above by confirming that prospective participants have not visited or come into contact with people from these areas.


You can be sure that we will try to offer our participants the safest and healthiest program we can.

09.03.2020 - Monday IFS OLYMPIAD UPDATED TERMS OF PAYMENTS, CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS! Dear Supervisors, Students and Parents The organization continues within the scope of the measures stated in the previous announcement. However, as precaution to any extraordinary situation, the conditions for the remaining payments, cancellations and refunds have been updated for you by the Olympiad committee as follows. Negotiations were made with partner companies that supported the organization, and payment and cancellation conditions were kept at minimal levels for you. ﷯ Lists of names should be approved on the March 30th, 2020 at the latest. Flight tickets or reserved ticket details must be informed to us until April 10, 2020 at the latest. ( AFTER €650 OLYMPIAD FEE PAYMENT IS MADE: a) Depending on flight bans until April 20th 2020: If there is a restriction or flight ban in the flight traffic between your country and Germany If flights to Germany have been banned by your country If flights from your country are prohibited by Germany € 85 + bank transfer fee is charged and the remaining amount is refunded. [€ 650 - (€ 85 charge + bank transfer fee) = Money Refunded] If flights are banned on April 21th and afterwards, € 250 is charged, including bank charges, and a net total of € 400 is refunded. b) Individual or Group Cancellation (Without Flight Ban) until April 13th: In the event that there is no flight restriction / prohibition, in any case of cancellation as an individual or as a group, the remaining amount will be refunded after a charge of € 85 + bank transfer fee.
[650 € - (85 € charge + bank transfer fee) = Money refunded] If any cancellations occur individually or as a group on 14th of April and afterwards, a fee of € 250, including bank charges, is charged and a net total of € 400 is refunded. For the Paris trip option, it is sufficient to give pre-approval until April 20th. No deposit or bank transfer is required. If flights are banned or cancellation is made as a group, there will be no penalty or cancellation fee. On April 27th, the tour fee will be paid in cash in Frankfurt. Since the hotels' FREE cancellation dates for the Amsterdam trip option expire on March 13th, requests for this option must be negotiated privately with supervisors. Depending on the payment periods and the risks the group will take, Amsterdam payments will be requested by bank transfer. Or you can update your request as a Paris tour. Or you can cancel your trip preference completely. Please inform the Olympiad committee by e-mail upon receiving your visas: We recommend that you get your plane tickets after getting your visas. If there is a reimbursement insurance option while purchasing your plane tickets, we recommend that you buy them by paying small fees. In some countries, there may be travel insurance (except health insurance) packages. You can guarantee your flight tickets and organization fee by making a small payment. We recommend that you research the insurance types and their coverage. We are continuing our preparations to offer the healthiest program for you. In addition, in case of the extraordinary circumstances, the most flexible payment and cancellation conditions are provided for you with all our partner companies. We would like to thank all the participants, supervisors and parents for their interest in the Olympiad. ﷯

10.02.2020 - Monday





Dear Teachers,


The processes for the Olympiad are as follows, respectively.


First of all, the application form is completely closed. Unfortunately, you can no longer make new additions. Also, you cannot update or delete the former names.


The capacity of the organization has been increased and all the names in the waiting list have been accepted.


1. According to the number of students registered, the registration invoices will be issued. Please urgently inform us of the institution / school or person to which the invoice will be issued. In other words, we need the information of whoever is making the payment. You can let us know via Whats App or Email.


2. When you receive the email of the invoice, please pay immediately. It must be paid by February 14 at the latest.


3. For the approval of the registered names, an excel file has been sent to you or will be sent. Complete the Passport numbers and Expiry date information in this file and send the file in response to the same email.


4. If the payment is made and the excel form is filled, the invitation documents will be prepared. Do not request before these processes.


5. After completion of these 2 processes, all documents will be sent to you by e-mail at the earliest 5 days.


6. In some countries, the German consulate may request the original invitation. Please note that the postal time will be approximately 5 days. Also, the post fee is € 95.


7. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A VISA in line with the above information by planning the time in which the invitations will reach you! Please do not request an invitation earlier by get an earlier appointment date than the dates mentioned above.


Summary of the steps;

- Invoices

- Payments

- Name lists confirmations

- Invitations

- Visa Appointments


Thank you for your attention.


IFS Olympiad Team

06.01.2020 - Monday

Now (06.01.20), the number of countries that have applied to the Olympiad is 11 and the number of participants is 185 so far. Due to the long holidays before and after New Year's Eve in some countries, there has been an intense demand for extension from schools. Considering these demands, the IFS Olympiad applications have been extended until January 24, 2020.

03.01.2020 - Friday

How many exams will there be and where will they take place?

There will be 2 exams in total.

The first exam will take place in Mathematikum Science Center.

The mathematics and physics oriented exam will also be in the same place.

The second and the Final Exam will be at Goethe University.

02.01.2020 - Thursday

How many questions are there and how long are the exams?

The first exam will be held at the Mathematikum Science Center lecture halls.

This exam consists of about 20 questions and the average duration of the exam is 45-60 minutes.

The Final Exam will be held in Goethe University lecture halls.

This exam consists of 40 questions and the average duration of the exam is 80-100 minutes.

02.01.2020 - Thursday

Can we join from the branch of our own choice?

All participants must solve the questions in all branches. You cannot select a specific branch.

IFS Olympiad is not affiliated with the Mathematikum Science Center, Experimenta Science Center or Goethe University, nor is IFS Olympiad a Mathematikum Science Center, Experimenta Science Center or Goethe University program or activity.