Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa


  • After the applications are completed, you will need to enter the passport information of the registered people from the application panel.
  • Please follow the applications, registration fee payment dates and visa appointment applications from the Olympiad calendar.
  • Students and teachers who will participate in the Olympiad are required to obtain a German Schengen Visa.
  • Please get information from the German Consulates in advance about the documents, appointments and negotiation processes requested by the German Consulate.
  • After the registration fee payments are completed, the following documents will be provided to you by the organizing committee.


1. Invitation Letter:


  • The original is printed at the office in Germany and after it is signed and stamped, it is scanned and sent through E-Mail.
  • Some country German consulates may request original invitations. Please note that the postal period will take at least 1 week. The original invitation post costs about 100 €.


2. Schedule:


  • The detailed and daily schedule that the Consulate will want to see will be provided by the Olympiad Committee.


3. Hotel Reservations:


  • Confirmation with the full names of the participants written on the hotels' letterhead paper which is signed by the hotel.


4. Vehicle Reservation:


  • The consulate will ask you how transfers will take place during the program. The bus booking documents demanded from the consulates will be provided from the bus companies which the organization has arranged.


5. Invitee Identity Card Information:


  • Photocopy of the Identity Card of the signature holder in the invitation
  • Other documents requested by the Consulate will be provided by the student, school and parents. (Flight reservations, insurance, etc.)
  • The organizing committee cannot guarantee the issuance of a visa 100%.
  • The results of the visas are the decisions of the Consulates. It is very important that the documents submitted by the parent and the teacher are organized and sufficient.
  • Flight dates should be arranged according to the preferred program dates and city arrivals and departures. If there are any changes such as 1 day before or 1 day later, please give the PASSPORT information during the process of entering the panel.

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